With nine incomplete clues above and nine items below, a natural first step is to complete each clue with one of the items, the find the answer to each clue.

Along the way, you might notice that the nine items are given in alphabetical order by corresponding answer. This serves as confirmation and also suggests that we should stick to the order of the incomplete clues.

The nine answers are all names of typefaces. We also have a list of digits (in increasing numerical order, suggesting that they need to be reordered) in differing typefaces. Match each digit to its corresponding typeface, and index into the name of the typeface accordingly.

Incomplete clue Item Answer Index Extracted letter
Artist name of _ Leonard Hilton McGurr Futura 6 A
King Rat’s _ Saul Garamond 3 R
_ name of Cymru Latin Cambria 1 C
Only national cemetery in _ Washington Tahoma 3 H
Alias of _ Jacob Gavin Jr. Courier 6 E
_ name of the centremost of the Seven Hills Italian Palatino 5 T
_ writing surface Ancient Egyptian Papyrus 4 Y
1963 film starring _ Conrad Phillips Impact 3 P
Country where _ is located Tbilisi Georgia 2 E

(Typefaces of the digits, in order: Cambria, Georgia, Garamond, Tahoma, Impact, Papyrus, Palatino, Futura, Courier.)

This gives the semi-thematic (if you accept the half-pun) answer, ARCHETYPE.

- REDDOThunt -

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