Tue, 03 Oct / 09:44am
🔴 REDDOThunt - That's a wrap!

If you wish to re-live your REDDOThunt memories, we have just released our wrap-up page, featuring the Gamemakers' thoughts on the hunt and the special awards to teams who have impressed us or amused us! We also have some good news - we have just added two features that were commonly requested in the survey responses: 1) list of puzzles solved on each of the teams' pages, 2) reinstating the answer checker for those who are keen to continue solving the puzzles. That's it from us (for now), and may the odds be ever in your favour! ~The 🔴REDDOThunt Gamemakers



Sun, 01 Oct / 10:16pm
🔴 REDDOThunt - The hunt has ended!

The hunt has ended! 12 teams had provided valiant reinforcements to the coup, allowing the rebel forces to successfully overthrow the President and restore peace in Panem. To all 150 teams who were part of this 48-hour uprising - from the training stations, to the Hunger Games Arena and finally the coup - we thank you for your participation! All the solutions to the puzzles are now available for your reading pleasure (perhaps after you get some rest)! Do also let us have your honest feedback through this survey - we'd love to know what you thought! http://goo.gl/6KAzrA



Sun, 01 Oct / 10:30am
🔴 REDDOThunt - Round 2 is now open to all!

Oh dear, we heard that the Capitol has been using the mysterious talent contest to determine worthy contestants for the annual Hunger Games! The Round 2 Hunger Games Arena is now open to everyone - if you previously did not have access to this area, you can now challenge tributes from other districts such as Johanna Mason or Katniss Everdeen. Alternatively, you can continue training at one of the Round 1 stations. May the odds be ever in your favour!



Sat, 30 Sep / 12:19pm
REDDOThunt - The prize has been claimed!

The mystery prize has been claimed by Aviation Laws at 11:42 am this morning! But there's still plenty of time for other teams to prove themselves on the leaderboard. Good luck and keep solving!



Sat, 30 Sep / 10:17am
🔴 REDDOThunt - 12 hours in

We are 12 hours into the hunt and we have 92 teams that have managed to impress the judges in at least one station! 18 teams have won the judges' approval and moved on to the second round, and one team has solved both the second meta puzzle and the final puzzle! Congratulations to Aviation Laws! However, the mystery prize still remains unclaimed, so keep trying and keep up the good work!



Sat, 30 Sep / 06:47am
An addendum was made to Puzzle 2.02

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Fri, 29 Sep / 08:30pm
90 mins to 🔴 REDDOThunt!

We are about 90 mins away from the start of REDDOThunt! Come back at 22:00 GMT +8 to start your puzzling weekend escapade.



Sat, 23 Sep / 12:31pm
REDDOThunt - Final warm-up puzzle released!

The fourth warm-up puzzle has been released, and we're less than a week away from the start of the hunt! See you all at 22:00 GMT +8 on Friday - but first, see if you can solve our final warm-up.



Sat, 16 Sep / 11:30am
REDDOThunt - Warm-up puzzle 3 released!

The third warm-up puzzle, titled "Critical", has been released. It is also critical for you to start training up for the mysterious Talent Contest, as auditions will commence in less than two weeks' time. #reddothunt



Sat, 09 Sep / 09:47am
REDDOTHunt - Warm-up puzzle 2 released!

The second warm-up puzzle, and the solution to the first warm-up puzzle have been released. Some solvers were quick to notice the mixup between the images of 2 across and 3 across in the new puzzle. This error has now been fixed. Happy solving!



Sat, 02 Sep / 03:17pm
REDDOThunt - A Mysterious Talent Contest?

A mysterious talent contest has shown up in town. Auditions will begin in less than a month's time and sign-ups have already begun. Do you have what it takes to win the contest? Train for the event with our warm-up puzzles every Saturday - the first one is already up!


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