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by Charissa Yong

Reverse image searching shows that one colour in each character’s costume -- as the puzzle title should point solvers towards -- differs from the original design.

As solvers search, they’ll find the codenames are in alphabetical order, which means they should be looking for something else. In superhero tradition, superheroes/supervillains typically have a codename and a real name. The initials of the real names are not in alphabetical order, and spell TWENTY FIVE PAIR.

When googled, this phrase unambiguously points to the 25-pair colour code. With this code, the original colour and given colour pairs can be used to extract one number per character. Converting the numbers into letters, via A=1, B=2… yields the phrase ANSWER ELASTANE.

Codename Civilian name Initial Original colour Given colour Pair # Letter
Collector Taneleer Tivan T White Blue 1 A
Deadpool Wade Wilson W Black Brown 14 N
Goldstar Ernest Widdle E Yellow Brown 19 S
Green Goblin Norman Osborn N Violet Green 23 W
Ice Tora Olafsdotter T White Grey 5 E
Lady Deathstryke Yuriko Oyama Y Yellow Green 18 R
Machete Ferdinand Lopez F White Grey 5 E
Magik Illyana Rasputin I Black Orange 12 L
Mister Freeze Victor Fries V White Blue 1 A
Oddball Elton Healey E Yellow Brown 19 S
Plastic Man Patrick O'Brian P Yellow Grey 20 T
Rogue Anna Marie A White Blue 1 A
Saturn Girl Imra Ardeen I Black Brown 14 N
Spiral Rita Wayword R White Grey 5 E

ELASTANE is also known as spandex or lycra -- the material which superhero outfits are made from.


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