48 Solves   &   101 Attempts


by Janice Heng

But what kind of art? In trying to interpret these Pictionary-esque scrawls, teams might come up with some oddly familiar phrases. If the phrases simply seem odd and not familiar, then some quick Googling should make things clearer. Each picture represents some lyrics from a song.

Lyrics Song Artiste
his arms were the branches of a Christmas tree Mad as Rabbits Panic! At The Disco
it's the smiling on the package, it's the faces in the sand Evil Interpol
yellow bird flying, get shot in the wing Little Earthquakes Tori Amos
the hammer's on the table, the pitchfork's on the shelf Thunder on the Mountain Bob Dylan
red guitar, on fire Desire U2
blue hydrangea, cold cash Old Money Lana del Rey
white dove sittin' on a blackberry bush White Dove Lynyrd Skynyrd
no legs, no feet, no shoes No Franz Ferdinand
evolution orange Evolution Orange Earth, Wind & Fire
a whale in a cubicle Plasticities Andrew Bird
lightning on my feet Shake it Off Taylor Swift
sleep with candles burning I’m Still Breathing Katy Perry
wears sunglasses indoors, in winter, at nighttime New Man Ed Sheeran
a whole bucket of stars dumped into the universe Get Up Sleater-Kinney
love is a fire, love is an ocean Love is a Fire Human Nature
bombs over Broadway, fire in the sky Evil in the Night Adam Lambert

The initials of each song give the cluephrase MELTDOWN EP SINGLE. If teams also tabulate the artistes, they might notice that those initials give the additional cluephrase PITBULL FEAT KESHA.

The lead single track of Pitbull’s 2013 EP Meltdown was the song TIMBER, which did indeed feature Kesha.


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