Reaped Again!

12 Solves   &   55 Attempts

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  • Having been through 19 of these ordeals, you can't believe you have to go through them again to extract these 19 letters.

An enraged group of victors will be gathering at a secret location to start a coup.

Can you decipher this message to uncover the location of the hideout?

Break laws and pay no fines

What’s left of the last skyscraper

Count by dolphin’s circle

Evidence #5: a scarlet book

Scarecrow’s arms

Middle earth

Take on new risk to offset existing risks for topiary

Naveen has friends on the other side

Light bulb powered by renewable energy

Gin-Gin Mule


Highgate Archway



A drop of blood, a smear, another drop

Brash doubt

In the middle of the minefield

Dave Lizewski

In an unreachable enclosure in Oklahoma


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