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John is the only one who makes fauna-based high-proof liquors such as Vicuna Vodka and Wallaby Whiskey, otherwise known as:

The shipping industry is holding steady despite the disappearance of ships’ total carrying capacity, a mysterious phenomenon known as:

Spontaneous optimism has led to more people purchasing trampolines and rubber bands, meaning that retail outlets are seeing a rise in:

Now that she has a prestigious degree which indicates her abilities, she has come to an inner balance and is in a state of emotional:

Having failed repeatedly to get a job, Kenneth has a hypothesis that it simply cannot be achieved. He calls this his:

Stocks have been shifting strangely, as if moved by some unseen puppeteer or:

George cannot raise the price of his citrus fruits without losing customers. He sells the C. limon Osbeck variety, commonly known as:

The boardgame tournament organisers wanted to offer more places – there were plenty of would-be entrants – but could not do so because of regulations. This was a shame given the popularity of that Parker Brothers property-based classic:

In recognition of how individual self-interested action can end up benefiting society, there is a new D&D alignment to describe an ordinary, regular person who nonetheless is a positive force:

As incomes rise, people buy more tours that take them to arbitrary places on foot, a pastime known as the:

Because the leading firm’s prices are high, even this small firm can charge a lot for its courses on what to do with flags – from hoisting, i.e. flying them, to semaphore, i.e.:

Overfishing does not account for the price of each shipwreck, also known as a boat’s:

The UK Parliament’s lower House dissolved into devastating violence after realising voters’ preferences could not be aggregated, in a dramatic play entitled:

Following the ‘purse reaction’ and ‘hat consequence’, we now see the phenomenon of wariness of poor-quality parasols causing overall sunshade standards to fall, in what has been deemed the:

Deciding to disregard all the past effort he put into his career, he quit and is now searching for a new job. His state is known as:


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