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Beetee Latier is an expert in science and puzzles.


Main arteries eat return on assets, going left (6)
Bobbins' genus put you in arm (4)
Organ first enables you everyday (3)
Valve shooter which cat has eighteen of? (4,4)
Tool crucially lacking helper (10)
Potassium tastes kilometres (6)
Lithium oxonitrate flooring (4)
Natural liver, for example, in charge (7)
Response regarding move (8)
Fastener in his crew (5)
Two consecutive notes are sun energy (5)
SMS novel study guide (8)
Before Japanese plum, heraldic wings sound level (6)


Forms thin film on surface of solid pop-ups, globes (7)
Genie scrambled own, innate German prefix (5)
Car tire shaken, jerky (7)
State operating system to deal with equipment playing canary role (9)
I pose to confused element variant (7)
Bond Fleming after amphibian upon classical mechanics (9)
Alternatively, nipped eye socket (5)
Enter upwards, with energy, pine tar hydrocarbon (6)
Plant pore particles agitated (5)
Transmit or transport tarmac jeep cat, oddly (7)
Rootless potato lab equipment (4)
Vinyl follows fan sound, headless idiot swirling water (9)


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