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Boring tool
French royal line cavalryman with spear
Seismic activity
Could give you tetanus
Accommodation, now with air option
Pneumatic drill
Radler to English speakers
Dumbledore’s favourite, in the US
Spanish dove
French concrete
Moving touch-me-not
Tall boulder problem
Classic night to start a novel with
Swan of Catania


(1) The green fairy
(7) Spirit of Karlovy Vary’s Becher family
(1) Oath and this comprise Aller
(4) Chocolate sandwich biscuit
(4) The Boy Is Mine singer, with Monica
(9) Oasis supernova
(1) Japanese silver
(9) Belonging to Jasper Newton
(6) Slovene path cut through woods, in Italy
(2) This sort of customer is dubious or odd
(6) Egg wrapped in sausage
(1) After three, floor
(5) Slavic little water
(4) Fourth-last NATO letter


(4) A little bitter, if you’re Italian
(8) Monks that look similar to Cumberbatch?
(4) 1928 Hitchcock film with Balfour
(4) Jean Monnet’s hometown
(6) The drink that satisfies
(6) Five known for lashings of this
(4) Sakamoto Maaya debut studio album
(1) 2016 Beyonce album
(4) Calcium oxide or calcium hydroxide
(2) Dutch William was of this
(2) Things bruise like this
(2) Washing, baking or caustic
(6) Quinine-containing beverage
(7) Threefold dry, French


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