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Some part of you clearly still remembers the truth: upon walking into the Concert Hall, you instinctively went into a hidden room where you found detailed plans of how to murder the nine victims, written in your handwriting. As a protector of justice, you struggle to understand why you would commit such evil deeds. A locked diary on the table might provide some answers. To open it and gain sight of the truth, your struggle between good and evil must continue. You have a long journey ahead of you.

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(received by teams which solved the Runaround)

The locked diary which you picked up at the Victoria Concert Hall offers you some much-awaited answers. You are a talented investigator who quickly rose through the ranks to chief investigator after successfully cracking a number of major cases. Yet through your investigations, you discovered that these cases were actually masterminded by a secret syndicate, who were able to exert their power and influence to repeatedly slip through the arms of law. After years of fruitless cat-and-mouse chases, you began to feel disillusioned, until you recently chanced upon this formula for a transformation serum. You decided to take this opportunity to fight evil with evil, by using your alter ego, Mr Edward Hyde, as a vigilante to take down these powerful criminals.

A side effect of this serum is temporary memory loss, which is why you started keeping a diary to help you jog your memory regarding your hidden agenda and plans for future targets. You flip to the last written page, which contains the bios of your next targets - a group of four criminals of genius intellect who call themselves red.herrings. You smile to yourself and whisper, “You might have bested Inspector Henry Jekyll, but wait till you meet Mr Edward Hyde.”

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